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The office is more than just a workstation; it’s a place where we can focus and gather our thoughts.

Desks, armchairs, bookshelves and other elements come together to shape a setting with a classic or contemporary design that never fails to create a subtle, elegant style.


Classical Office Ash Root Wood

classic office setting in ash root wood, for a simple, yet professional appearance. A room furnished with an austere, yet appealing design, in which each element has a key role to play, from the desk to the column bookcase


Complete Classical Office

classic office complete with PC desk and round table linked to the main desk. An austere design, embellished with leather on the top and on the covering of the chair. A combination of elements typical of both a consulting room and a traditional office.


Contemporary Office with Majestic Desktop

This example of an office in Art Deco style creates a perfect working environment, ideal for concentrating undisturbed from outside distractions. The beauty of the Majestic desk brings a wonderfully relaxing touch to the whole room, blending smoothly with the elegance of the comfortable armchairs.