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Furnishings that bring a touch of seduction to the bedroomFurniture that adds style and elegance to the sleeping area of the home. Solutions to make the bedroom area the inviting heart of the home.

Combinations featuring beds, chests of drawers, dressing tables and other items in both classic and contemporary styles.


Decor Royal Classic Bedroom

classic bedroom conceived with the Decor Royal Collection in mind, able to bring a magical touch to the sleeping area. The headboard of the bed is embellished with a carved garland.

The chest of drawers and the nightstands are richly decorated with intarsia work that brings a beautiful touch to the furnishings.


Nabucco Classic Bedroom

classic bedroom in which the simplicity of the design beautifully complements the intarsia work. The room is furnished with a double bed featuring a quilted footboard with intarsia work. The wood of the structure comprises plume ashrosewood and walnut root wood. Beside the bed is a classic dressing table with two drawers, and the arrangement is completed with a beautiful mirror and a series of padded furnishings.


Classic Bedroom with Bed Frame

classic sleeping area mainly featuring the Lorca Collection, where the bed with a marvellous padded frame features a silver leaf finish. Shades of silver and red light up the room and the fine carving on the furniture.
An idea for those seeking to furnish their bedroom with a fresh take on classic design.


Two-colour Classic Bedroom

Inspired by the Venezia Collection, a classic bedroom with a distinctive two-colour finish, featuring an original bed embellished with buttons resembling roses in bloom.
The elegant dressing table ties in with the colour of the polished ivory chosen for all the furnishing elements.
A composition that brings a splendid allure to the sleeping area.


Decor Royal Bedroom

This second example of a sleeping area shows the full potential of the Decor Royal collection. The bed, adorned with the sophisticated design of the unique headboard, is complemented by exquisite bedside tables and a dressing table, the perfect combination for a furnishing experience with a classic, fairy-tale style.


Palazzo Classic Bedroom

The timeless style of the Palazzo collection is reflected in this sleeping area. The finesse of the Tiffany bed and the other elements that shape the setting make this bedroom the perfect place to relax and wind down after a busy day.


Romantic Classic Bedroom

The enveloping shape of the headboard on the Romantic bed is the leitmotiv of this room’s design. The colours and the graceful lines of the furnishing elements bring a touch of poetry to the setting, creating the perfect environment to spend blissful, peaceful moments thanks to the everlasting, timeless style.


Decò Bedroom in Rosewood

Rosewood is the fil rouge that binds together all the furnishings in this sleeping area. The sage green of the fabric elements is a magnificent complement to the classic shade of the wood, creating a uniquely stylish composition, for a living space it’s fair to describe as evergreen.